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23/02/15 Should the Government be closely monitoring people living in New Zealand who have close ties to international terrorist groups?

In November 2014, Prime Minister John Key announced that around 80 New Zealanders are either on a watch-list of people currently being monitored, or on a list of people to be investigated by the Government in relation to international terrorist activity.

In his speech on national security, The Prime Minister announced proposed short-term changes to security laws that would allow the Government to more closely monitor the people on these watch-lists and to suspend or cancel their passports.

Given that these proposed law changes would significantly increase the Government’s surveillance powers, we decided to conduct a poll to gauge public support for these changes.

The interviewing for this poll was completed with a nationally representative sample of n=575 New Zealanders, 18 years of age or more, between the 4th and 20th of February 2015, and therefore after the terrorist events in Sydney and Paris.

Overall, we found that most New Zealanders believed that New Zealanders who have close ties to international terrorist organisations pose a safety risk and should be closely monitored.

To download the media release, please click here.