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Thank you for participating in our surveys, which assist our clients in improving New Zealand and the life of New Zealanders

Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.

You will have been invited to complete a survey or take part in a qualitative research interview or focus group because you are a part of the group of people that we need to hear from. Your contact details either came from the client that we are conducting the research on behalf of, from an independent data base, or a panel of which you are a member (e.g. Dynata, PFI).
Participation is completely voluntary. What’s more, if you decide for any reason that you would prefer not to continue with a survey or interview that you have started, that’s perfectly OK too.  Also, you may at any time ask us to remove your responses to all, or specific questions.Please also rest assured that your decision to participate, or not, will have absolutely no bearing on your relationship with the client, as who participates or not in the research is not shared with them.

Does Rangahau Aotearoa Research New Zealand follow a code of practice?

Yes! Rangahau Aotearoa Research New Zealand is a corporate member of the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). All staff and contractors working on behalf abide by ESOMAR’s Code of Practice. This is also the Code of the International Chamber of Commerce.
ESOMAR’s Code of Practice may be downloaded from

Are my responses confidential and how will you protect my privacy?

Yes. The following provisions make sure that your responses are confidential, and your privacy is protected:
  1. Unless you have specifically given us permission, we will not identify that you participated (or did not participate) in the research.
  2. Your name and contact details will only be kept in our system for the duration of the project, or until our quality control/verification process has been completed, in the case of a survey.
  3. When the interviewing is complete, we take several steps to ensure that our reporting is completely anonymised, including collating the responses of all respondents and removing any potentially identifiable information.

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